How To Pick The Right Robotic Cleaning Machines

How To Pick The Right Robotic Cleaning Machines1

As part of efforts to overcome continuing labour challenges and become more efficient, businesses are increasingly turning to robotic cleaning machines for their regular cleaning needs. The results speak for themselves, and robotic cleaning machines can help you set a whole new standard of clean.

Even better, high-quality autonomous cleaning machines are designed to allow humans to work safely and effectively beside them. By leaving the bulk of the routine dirty work to a robotic floor scrubber-dryer, your custodial employees will be free to concentrate on more delicate, complex, and high-value tasks.

To better meet the specific wants and needs of each customer, we offer a broad spectrum of equipment, including robotic floor-cleaning machines. But how can you determine which robotic floor scrubber-dryer is right for your business?

Read on for a comparative breakdown of the three available robotic floor scrubber dryers and their unique features and applications.


How To Pick The Right Robotic Cleaning Machines2

R-X760.The smallest robotic ride-on floor scrubber-dryer, the R-X760 is ideal for cleaning small to medium-sized interior spaces. In general, this scrubber-dryer can clean facilities between 3,717 – 10,200 square metres that may have small or constricted areas. The R-X760 can tackle lobbies, storage spaces, hallways, doorways, and even elevators with ease.

Although it is built for smaller spaces, larger facilities can benefit from the R-X760 if they need to clean the floors in particularly constricted spaces that might require tighter turns and greater manoeuvrability.

R-X760 Quick Facts:

● 760MM cleaning path


How To Pick The Right Robotic Cleaning Machines3

Designed to clean spaces between 6,500 to 16,700 square metres, the R-X900 operates best in large open spaces that present few obstacles or obstructions. In addition to larger retail stores and multi-level universities, airports, arenas, and convention centres have found this scrubber-dryer to be exceptionally helpful.

The R-X900 is designed to significantly boost productivity by cutting down on cleaning solution fill-ups and producing an aggressive amount of grime-destroying pressure. It is also compatible with a variety of polishing tools.

R-X900 Quick Facts:

● 900mm cleaning path


How To Pick The Right Robotic Cleaning Machines4

The H6 is the largest and most powerful robotic floor scrubber-dryer . It is perfect for mid-sized to expansive facilities such as warehouses and third-party logistics facilities. A true workhorse, this unit is built for big, tough jobs.

In fact, it is able to handle facilities that exceed 92,903 square metres as well as those that clean extensively up to 13 hours a 24-hour period and frequently.

H6 Quick Facts:

● 1460MM cleaning path

Robotic cleaning machines are poised to make significant gains in the cleaning industry as labour costs continue to be a focus for facility managers. This cleaning equipment can help address labour challenges, drive efficiencies, and maintain a high standard of cleaning in your facility.

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Post time: Nov-13-2023